Let’s Play Weather Forecaster! 

What you’ll need:

  1. Laminated map of South Africa
  2. Clothespins (4)
  3. Your free weather dramatic play printable weather cards
  4. Assorted coats, vests, snow suits, and swimsuit coverups
  5. Assorted boots, galoshes, flip flops, and sneakers
  6. Assorted weather accessories, including umbrella, hat and gloves, scarf, and sunglasses

Step 1:

To set up our Weather Forecaster (meteorologist) dramatic play centre, put a laminated map of South Africa up on your playroom wall and glue four clothespins to it – two by where you live, and two to hold your printable weather cards featuring weather and temperature options. (you can use a hot glue gun for this.)

Step 2:

For the dress-up component, use a small basket and clothing rack to hold attire appropriate for various weather and temperature combinations which you can collect from your kids’ closets.

Step 3:

To get started, show your little one the different weather and temperature cards. Ask your little one what the weather looks like today. Let him/her select the appropriate cards and attach them to the clothespins. Then let your little one choose out appropriate clothing for the weather.

You can then proceed to try different weather card combinations. This is a great opportunity to talk to your little one about the different seasons…

The wardrobe changes also means loads of fine motor skill development when your little one has to zip jackets, closing buttons & more!